Business Advance Lenders Review

Business Advance Lenders is a dependable alternative business financing company that offers quick business capital solutions to merchants with credit challenges and also to those denied for small business loans from banks and other traditional sources. Their loan types include business working capital, invoice financing, small business loans for women, equipment financing and other unique business loan alternatives.

Thus, they are trusted by millions of small business owners in need of capital for buying new equipment, managing cash flow, expanding business facilities, paying for staff, promoting & advertising, etc. Besides, their collateral free funding and legitimate lending policy make them an ideal choice for small business cash advance.

Why Opt for an Alternative Business Financing from Business Advance Lenders

  • Business cash advance amount from $2500 to $500,000
  • All kinds of credit scores accepted
  • Loan approval rate is high
  • Faster loan decision
  • Business plan is not mandatory
  • No writing checks
  • No tedious paperwork
  • No collateral and personal guarantee
  • Upfront rates and clear terms
  • Business financing within 24 hours
  • Flexible and automated payments

Rates & Fees

Minimum APR – 8.5%

Maximum APR – 35.5%

Business Advance Lenders provides financing with a loan term of 4-12 months and the exact APRs depend on the duration, credit score and the amount issued. Thus, lower the credit score, higher the APR. However, with early repayments, the fees and effective APRs get reduced.

Application & Qualification

Application Process

Business Advance Lenders offers a no obligation online loan application that can be accessed conveniently 24/7. After filling out the basic personal and business information, the borrower can submit it online. The loan decision is straightaway, most of the times. If all the eligibility criteria is duly met, one can get funded up to $500,000 within a day.

Min. Requirements

  • Six months in business
  • $5000 in monthly revenue / regular monthly cash
  • Credit score of 600
  • No open bankruptcies

Other Requirements

  • Bank statements (past 3 months)
  • Credit card transaction processing statements (past 3 months)
  • Contact info of landowner
  • Lease agreement
  • Business Federal Tax ID / EIN
Contact & Other Information

Company Phone

(800) 991-7020


Email Address

Business Advance Lenders ranks high on reliability quotient. As a reliable merchant cash advance lender, they very well understand the common financial challenges faced by small business owners and how critical, a funding is to business. Hence, they offer alternative business financing based on the strength of borrower’s business performance rather than just the credit score. So if you are looking for an easy approval, transparent process and fast business financing, then TopBusinessLoanLenders advocates this small business cash advance company.

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